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Change Outbound E-Mail Address

I wanted to see if anyone has run into this issue before.  We use rightfax for our e-mail server.  I need to be able to direct any e-mails/mass e-mails to a special address so that they can then be routed to our fax server.  Has anyone had any experience or know if it is possible to write a trigger that when an e-mail/mass e-mail is sent out of salesforce that it changes the To: e-mail address to one that we need the messages to go to along with modifying the header to the special syntax needed.


So essentially the user would do their normal e-mail message that they want to be a blast fax and then when they hit send my trigger would modify the To: address to route it to a special e-mail account and modifies the header so that when our account receives the e-mail it is then redirected to our fax server.


Thanks for any help.