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Salesforce List View: Looking for Instant Filter (aka "Fill in Filter" or "Filter as you type")

Dear All,


Below is an instant filter solution that we use in Sharepoint.  I am looking for a similar solution for Salesforce List View





In addition, how to adjust the row limit per page in SalesForce list view


Any hints or help are highly appreciated


(PS: I am new to Salesforce community. Hope that this is the right place to post such inquiry)






If any developer is interested in developing this solution, please contact me at bp0169@yahoo.com and let me know the estimated cost. 





I just found  new Appexchange App "miniGrid" (for related list) and "Grid" (for List View) with this Instant Filter function




These Apps provides nearly all functions that the user needs for SFDC List view, namely


1) Inline real time filter (also known filter as you type)
2) Data aggregation (sum, average, count) and grand total
3) Export to Excel
4) Mass Edit/Mass Delete
5) Ability to configure which objects (standard or custom) to show
6) Ability to define system default vs private template (define which columns are included in the list view)
7) Retrieve all records at once and display it in one screen (upto 50,000 Records). All applications that I have used so far have a limitation of max 1000 records.
8) Freeze panel

and much more. 


I posted my review at the above Appexchange page.