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James L.James L. 

Help to confirm uniqueness of Object among production org and sanbox org



I read about this uniqueness before, just want to double check again.

If I create a new role or profile in developer sandbox, and later one deplay this new role or profile to production org. The ID will keep the same, right ?




I believe the IDs are only the same froma full sandbox to production.


Either way, best practice is to NOT hard code any ids

James L.James L.
Thanks. Hard-coding is not a good idea; but part of my code logic depends on current user's Role and profile. I figure I need to define constants to refer to these Roles/profiles. I have 2 options, either use name (role name, or profile) or ID(role id, profile id). I guess ID will be a better option. There seems some confusion here about the uniqueness. I did see "uniqueness only among full sandbox and production org"; also I see https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?id=000004579&language=en_US, which says the uniqueness happens among production org and all it's sandbox. Any person from SFDC to clarify this ? James
James L.James L.

Let's say 

If I created new profile/role in production org, will their ID keep the same in developer Sanbox ?

If I created new profile/role in developer Sanbox, will their ID keep the same in produciton Org after deployment ?