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Relation between pricebook and product



Can u tell me what is the relation between pricebook and product? 


A Product (known in SFDC as Sobject Product2) may be on multiple Pricebooks (known in SFDC as SObject Pricebook2); this is managed with a junction record called PricebookEntry


A Product may be on the same Pricebook  multiple times if you have multi-currency enabled. This also uses the junction record PricebookEntry except each instance of PricebookEntry will have a different value for CurrencyIsoCode


Products may be customized with additional fields; PricebookEntry and Pricebook2 may not be customized with additional fields. All of these can be manipulated with APEX, Data Loader, etc.


Simply Product and Pricebook are having a many to many (m:n) relationship .


The Junction Object of Product (Product2) and Pricebook(Pricebook2) are PriceBookEntry or PBE .


For logical example :

One product may have different Price in different places .

Many products may have the same Price .

Both Product and Prices are mapped in the PriceBookEntry .


This is a basic example of m:n relationship .