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Is it possible to edit the Own Account/Contact as a Portal User

   When the lead is converted Account/Contact record created. Also a Portal User account created.

Using that Portal User Account is it possible to edit their own Account / Contact Details from the Portal Site?

I can able to login thru the portal site and once the login is success and I'm calling the page where to show the Account / Contact Details

My Controller code

public MyDetails(ApexPages.StandardController controller)
parentId   = controller.getId(); 
        contact = (Contact)controller.getRecord(); 
        String userName = UserInfo.getUserName();
User activeUser = [Select Email From User where Username = :username limit 1];
String userEmail = activeUser.Email;
        Contact mycontact = [select Salutation, FirstName, LastName, Phone, MobilePhone from Contact where Contact.email__c = :userEmail] ; 
      contact = mycontact;

But in the page none of the values are shown in the UI