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Cases: how to determine if case is email-to-case by outlook



We have some cases that are created using the email-to-case feature using outlook. When those cases come in, they get assigned to a user or a queue. I want to re-assign the ownerId to the person who created it.


1. How do I ID if the case was from this feature?

2.  Is this as straight forward as this:



trigger CaseTrigger on Case (before insert, before update) {


for (Case c: trigger.new){

      //if (outlook.Indicator == true){


      c.OwnerId = c.CreatedById;



Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav

If you choose to save the email headers when setting up email-to-case then you can lookup this email header(I think, I am not sure) and see if it is from outlook or otherwise in the client key.


Hope this helps!


- Anup


Thanks Anup. 


You can get the header for the Email2Case, but there' s no such option for outlook. Also, there isn't a field called client key on the case object.  Any other advice?