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How to remove the link from the output field of the page block table in edit page?

Hi i'm having  the lookup field in the popup and when submitting the popup the value will get displayed in the page block table, which is the output field and it is coming as link in the table. how to remove that link?


try outputText


i cant use output field bcoz if we this , then we have to give like field__r.name, as that is the lookup field.  also i'm having this problem while creating new records, on that time we cant query for name. Pls suggest some other opt


Well, add a styleClass="noLink" to the outputfield


then in the vf page add



.noLink, .noLink:hover



Add any additional css needed for the various events


You could also use Java to select the .noLink class and change the href to herf="#" so the link does not work.