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Salesforce Reports



I have a requirement to generate a report and the report format is as below


Report       Col1             Col2           col3             col4

                 Formula1     Formula2    col1+col2    (Col1*Col2)/Col3

                 Formula3     Formula4    ........


I have different formula in each row and each column. Is it possibe to generate the report in this format.


The report data is loaded in SFDC and I was wondering if there is any possibility to generate such dynamic report in Salesforce


Thanks in advance,



What are the formula1,2 etc . Just formula fields on the object or anything else..



Formula1, Formula2, each are formula that we define in reports and NOT the formula fields of objects. I started developing the prototype and I could see that I can only add 5 formula fields in the report (Enterprise Edition). Is there a way i can over come this limitation.


Also this report is about revenue generated for different status. I have created a single report and with change of filter the same is achieved, but my client wants all of them in displayed together. Is there a way to achieve it..?