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Limits : No Of Posts


1. Is there any limits to No of posts( FeedItem with contentType post To an Account/Lead) made in an Organisation.

    if yes then how can we monitor the limits.



I don't know of any limit, but there is a best practise advise to keep the amount of related detail records under 10k ,not sure if that is applicable here.




Thanks Sdry,

Here is something i have found in SF Docs.


Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Edition customers can publish a maximum of 5,000 new versions per 24–hour period. Developer Edition and trial users can publish a maximum of 2,500 new versions per 24–hour period.


Further on this is there any ways where we can know how many posts are dont in the Organization, and how many are left.

I mean how can i monitor and consume my posts.