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Inline Account Hierarchy App



I just downloaded the Inline Account Hierarchy app in our test environment.  I am fairly new to Visualforce and need some help.  How can i modify this VF code so that a custom field (Account_ID__c) will be added next to the account name. 



<apex:page standardController="account" tabStyle="Account" >
<div style="height: 200px" class="bodyDiv" onclick="resizeFrame();">
<c:AccountHierarchyTree currentId="{!Account.id}" />


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Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

there is a component in your code AccountHierarchyTree

<c:AccountHierarchyTree currentId="{!Account.id}" />


you can find this in the setup -> develop -> components


after looking into that code still you did not get how to make the change post that code snippet i will help u


if this answers your question make this as a solution.