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Salesforce CTI Connector Issue...



we recently went live with SFDC CIC Connector integration (CTI version 3.0), but are hearing of issues that the soft phone layout disappears from SFDC randomly and re-appears after a reboot to normal. We know from the documentation that this integration works only with IE 64 bit on Windows 7 platform and all our users are equipped with the same. We also ensured that no one is running Chrome frame plugin that causes collision with CIC connector to SFDC.


Anyone have any insight on this? and know of any resolution?


we've had the cti for 2 years.  it is constantly breaking.  i read today that salesforce is completely revamping the cti so that it's all in the cloud and there won't be any need for a connector.  apparently that will be this coming summer.


the reality is you will probably continue to have these problems because it's not a very reliable technology.  sorry i can't be more helpful.  hopefully someone on here in IT who deals with telephony integrations can chime in.