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Auto - create records based on a list

Hi All,


Here is my scenario,


I have a list of records in a particular object "A".

I have to query these records and put them in another list(on a different object "B") wherefrom the same number of records will be auto generated.



Object - A

records: A1,A2,A3. (these will be queried in a list)


Object - B

('put' list)records created: B1(=A1),B2(=A2),B3(=A3)....


Kindly advice.


Many thanks in advance





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Hi AniDev,


You can try this code, Hope this will work for you.


list<objectA__c> aObjList = new list<objectA__c>();
list<objectB__c> bObjList = new list<objectB__c>();
for (objectA__c aObj : [SELECT id, field1__c,field2__c FROM objectA__c]) {
       objectB__c  bObj = new objectB__c();
	   bObj.field1__c = aObj.field1__c;
	   bObj.field2__c = aObj.field2__c;

	insert bObjList;


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