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Getting error "Field [Field Name] is inaccessible in this context|"

I have created managed package from an org where we have an object say 'abc'' .  I have to install this managed package in another org where also i have that object 'abc' . My requirement is to show  object 'abc' (which is present in the org where i have to install the package) in the drop down of a vf page and then the fields of that object  to be populated in the another vf page.


I am able to populate the object in the drop down but when i navigate to the other page it shows me the error


Field ObectName.FieldName  is inaccessible in this context|
Any help will be useful.
Thanks in advance!!




Check the namespace of your managed package is properly updated in your code where you are using object name to get the field list.


If you are using dynamic code and not doing any hardcoding of the objects then try to add your namespace as hardocded before your object name variable.


Example: If your name space is "MyNameSpace" and variable of the object name is "MyObject" then try below.


'MyNameSpace' + '__' + MyOBject


Hope this helps.



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