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Using a custom URL for the Customer Portal

I am trying to have my Customer Portal use a custom URL instead of the Salesforce one. The Salesforce one right now looks like this: https://cs13.salesforce.com/secur/login_portal.jsp?orgId=<orgId>&portalId=<portalId>


I followed the instructions here to set everything up:



My SiteLoginController looks like this:


global with sharing class SiteLoginController {
    global String username {get; set;}
    global String password {get; set;}

    global PageReference login() {
        String startUrl = 'https://cs13.salesforce.com/secur/login_portal.jsp?orgId=<orgId>&portalId=<portalId>';
        return Site.login(username, password, startUrl);
    global SiteLoginController () {}
    @IsTest(SeeAllData=true) global static void testSiteLoginController () {
        // Instantiate a new controller with all parameters in the page
        SiteLoginController controller = new SiteLoginController ();
        controller.username = 'test@salesforce.com';
        controller.password = '123456'; 

 However, when I go to my login page and try and login, nothing happens. How do I get this to work?


Additionally, instead of my portal being at http://mycompany.test.cs13.force.com/apex/SiteLogin, I want it to be something like http://suport.mycompany.com. How would I do that?