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Does SFDC stores 10 k records into customobject?

Hi All


I have one excel file this file contains around 10k reords .I want to import these 10 k records into my custom object.I have created one custom object.Does these custom object support stores this much of data?I dont want to go for dataloader ,through VF page i need to insert..


Plz  provide me ur suggestions


thx in advance..


Number of records that an object can store is based on the edition you use and the free data space that is available. However, why would you want to insert these records only through VF and not dataloader?



thx for ur reply vishal.could u please provide me ur gmail id..


You can store as many records as you have free space; 1GB of free space is 500,000 records. Each record from a custom object is 2Kb of space. So, as long as you have at least 20,000 Kb of free space, you can store 10k records without an issue.