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Passing Campaign Members data to flow

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to do something that I don't know if it is possible.

I have a flow created with Flow Designer.

To trigger that flow I have changed the 'New' button on a custom object so every time some one clicks on 'New', that flow will launch and bring the user to a flow a process. 


This new object have a related list inside the Campaign object. Inside the Campaign object people will click on 'New', in that related list section, and he will start the flow.


Now, this is all good and everything works fine.

My question is, it is possible to pass the campaign members names right after clicking on 'New' ??

I have been trying to pass the Campaign Id to the flow right after clicking on 'New', but it is not working.

I was trying to use a code like this:


<apex:page >
  <flow:interview name="Flow_Name"> 
  <apex:param id="Param_CampaingID" name="Variable_CampaignId" value="???????"/> //Don't know what to use in the value

This works when using {!$User} but in this case I need the Campaign Id or the Campaign Members Ids.

The all idea is to reduce the steps a user have to go trough when using this flow. Right now they have to enter the campaign member's email to start the flow.

I'm trying to present the user with a list with all the campaign members in that campaign right after clicking on 'New'.

Anyone can help me??

Thanks in avance!!