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Addmonths problem



 I have two fields

     1. Start_Date__c

     2. End_Date__c


if I am giving date values like Start_Date__c=10/01/2012 and End_Date__c=3/31/2013


the next period should create based on  no of months difference between Start_Date__c and End_Date__c


first time is calculating right Start_Date__c=4/1/2013  and End_Date__c=9/30/2013


again it should calculate as same above. It should give result Start_Date__c=10/01/2012 and End_Date__c=3/31/2013

but it is giving Start_Date__c=10/01/2012 and End_Date__c=3/30/2013


I know it is giving wrong result when the month have 30 and 31