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How to get the job staus of batch apex class


How to display the batch apex job status dynamically in to visualforce page.
I am able to display the status when job starts, but i am unable to get the job status dynamically.
Means when job statrt it is queued after that job status is inprogress, completed. I need status dynamically for every 60 seconds. Please help me.







Even im working on Batch apex for the first. Can you please tell me how to test my batch class. i mean the execution process.


My task is to update the one of the object(OBJ 1) when its getting inserted with the same values of other objects(OBJ 2), then update the object(OBJ 1) wone of its field with  the id of object(OBJ 2) id.



can you please give me sample code.

Mohith Kumar ShrivastavaMohith Kumar Shrivastava

Have you gone through the Action Poller .Use ACtion Poller Tag of visualforce page and make an actionmethod that sets the boolean to true when the batch finishes .Now use that boolean to show status .Let me know if you need more help.