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How to use some css features within pdf that is generated by apex code?

I have used toPdf() method of Blob object in an apex class, that is triggered with a custom button for pdf file is attached to Account record.

Some css style features as style="border-top-style:dotted;", style="font-family: Arial Unicode MS;" are not display in pdf file. This style features are working in apex page that using renderAs="pdf" attribute. But it isn't work when pdfContent variable is used as parameter by toPdf() method.

Can somebody help me?


global class AccountPDFGenerator{
    webservice static void generateInvoicePDF(String accountId){
//        Account account = [SELECT Id,Name FROM Account WHERE Id=:accountId];
        String accId = accountId;
        String pdfContent = '';
           pdfContent +=   '<html>' +
                                '<body>' +
                                    '<p align="left" style="font-family: Arial Unicode MS;">öçşığü</p>' + 
                                    '<br/><br/>' +
                                    '<table>' +                     
                                        '<tr>' +
                                           '<td align="center" style="border-top-style:dotted; border-bottom-style:dotted;">ÖÇŞİĞÜ</td>' +
                                        '</tr>' +                                        
                                    '</table>' +
                                '</body>' +
        }catch(Exception e)
            pdfContent = pdfContent + '<P>THERE WAS AN ERROR GENERATING PDF: ' + e.getMessage() + '</P>';
        Attachment attachmentPDF = new Attachment();
        attachmentPDF.parentId = accId;
        attachmentPDF.Name = 'Invoice.pdf';
        attachmentPDF.body = Blob.toPDF(pdfContent);
        insert attachmentPDF; 

 This is javascript code of custom button.

sforce.apex.execute("AccountPDFGenerator","generateInvoicePDF", {accountId:"{!Account.Id}
Rajendra PatelRajendra Patel
Have you got any solution? Any workarround?