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Parsing the string response and get the url only


I am getting the response has below when i send an http request .

am getting response has text data andin that url also .now i want to get the url from the response. only please can u help me

I am sendng an example of response


string response='the report has generated to sai and  and ready to access the data  ..etc.after this amgetting an url   http://www.abcadef.com/abc.asp?id=1  after these url am getting thanking you';


In these above response i want get only url from the response.please can u say me,

thanks in advance




You can use pattern matching to extract the url from this string.


can u send an example how to use the pattern match in salesforce


Mohith Kumar ShrivastavaMohith Kumar Shrivastava

Can you paste the whole response here.If its a JSON format we can parse the URL parameter from there?