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Kiran Kumar GottulaKiran Kumar Gottula 

Trigger on updating child object records , by using parent object

trigger on Projects  :--


parent object  : Projects

child object  : Milestone

child to child object  : tasks


When  after updating  a record in project (change any field value),  then first update the tasks records which is related to this updating project record, then after update the milestone record with help of recent updated tasks which is related to this updating project record.


please help me by using trigger only



First you can try this code and post we will help you!!


Clearly mention the relation betweeen those objects.




Kiran Kumar GottulaKiran Kumar Gottula

for task parent object--> milestone

for milestone parent object --> project


and I dont knw hw to write this trigger, please help me............


What you have to update with these objects


You have to do it using one trigger or Two triggers both super parent and child objects.


I am clear not about the requirement.