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How to export custom ojects data into outside(eg like excel)?

Hi Guys


I want to export custom ojects data into outside(eg like excel)?


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Use data loader

Thx jo ..But i am looking through visual forcepage ,Do we have any chance to export ?

Yes you can do that .. You can use a VF page and declare the type as Excel and the page should be exportable to excel.

hi pavan you can use this command in your apex page  


:example here


<apex:page standardController="Account" contenttype="application/vnd.ms-excel">



if use these yopu can export your data in excel.


Before we start writing a lot of code, has anyone considered simply exporting a report to Excel?

Just to clarify .. I suggested DL .. but as they need VF page ... I think that's what other started thinking off :) .. Report export can be done as well ..no doubt .. :)

Thx  venkat..but  here one thing i observed IE is not supporting to exporting as Excel its working in mozilla...


but when i use this its not  exporting data in object level its exporting the currentpage only not the actual customobjects data...


thx for ur reply venkat.......

Santosh SSantosh S

setup --> Data Management --> Data Export



you can schedule the export depending upon your requirement



Hope it Helps