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What is difference between Apex Test Execution and Run All Test Technique

Hi All,


Salesforce did a very dirty change.

1. Earlier when we click on test method run test it redirect to apex test execution page.

2. Even now if I am clicking on Run All Test button still redirecting Apex Test Execution Technique.


The problem is I am making run all test on Production ORG and alwasy coverge is over 83%. Now the problem is when we use apex test execution technique it ask the selected name space class to run which only tell the total coverage of your selected name space classes. Now I want the overall coverage.

How do I get that ? bec when I am cliking on Run All Test still it run the default name space classs.



Oh! Yes it run all classes which is [All Name Spaces] but then why I am getting directly from 83% to 72%. Even there is no change in apex code.
We calculate overall coverage by clicking on Sutup->Apex Classes--Estimate your organization's code coverage.

Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav

What is the test coverage when you run it from Eclipse? 




Thanks for reply anup.


But I did not tried from eclipse because earlier Orgnisation tooks couple of hour to complete run all test. But if we use Test Execution Technique sometime its completes in 20-30 min and some time tooks again couple of hours.


Now if we use eclipse I cannot do another work on my system so for now I dont have access to make run all test again. I'll try it on eclipse as well to next week with an indivisual system.

Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav

I would recommend running all tests with Eclipse overnight on your work machine, and check the results the next day. That way your work wont be held up and you'll be able to confirm where the problem is.


Hope this helps!





Hi Anup ,


Can eclipse can tell the overall coverage ? Because I can see only indivisaul class coverage here.