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Santosh SSantosh S 

Need in Help in multiplying values in Two Fields

Request help in multiplying values in Two  Fields (UnitPrice__c  & QuantitySold__c}

& display the value in edit mode in 3rd Field (TotalSale__c)


All the 03 Fields are  Number type


 -----------------------------------VF Page------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  <apex:inputField id="IDUnitPrice" value="{!opportunity.UnitPrice__c}" ></apex:inputField>
  <apex:inputField id="IDQtySold" value="{!opportunity.QuantitySold__c}"  onkeyup="javascript&colon;CalculateAmount();">  

  <apex:inputField id="IDTotalSale" label="Total Sale" value="{!opportunity.TotalSale__c}"></apex:inputField>
 ------------------------------------Script -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

function CalculateAmount()
         var Price =  VALUE(UnitPrice__c.);
         var Qty = VALUE(QuantitySold__c);
         var Amount =  Price * Qty;      
         VALUE(TotalSale__c) = Amount;

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Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

function CalculateAmount()
         var Price =  '{!opportunity.UnitPrice__c}';
         var Qty = '{!opportunity.QuantitySold__c}';

         var TotSal = '{!opportunity.TotalSale__c};

         var Amount =  Price * Qty;      
          TotSal = Amount;

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