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Salesforce to Salesforce: PartnerNetworkRecordConnection OpportunityLineItem

Hey folks,


I'd like to create a trigger that automatically forwards new and updated opportunities AND related opportunity products (oppoprtunitylineitem) to my target org. How would a trigger like this look like?





Here are some additional infos out of the Spring 10 Release FAQ Troubleshooting Guide (http://de.scribd.com/doc/24252673/Spring-10-Release-FAQ-Troubleshooting-Guide):

My company has published Opportunity Products to our partner connections, however we’re unable to share Opportunity Products
There are a number of conditions that need to be met before Opportunity products can beshared with one or more connections. The conditions are as follows
• Parent Opportunity must be shared with connections
• Related Product catalog must be shared with connections
• Related Product catalog must be in price book of connection(s) opportunities and pricebook entry must be active
• Sender’s opportunity currency must be active in price book of target’s opportunityAdditionally, here are some additional facts around sharing Opportunity Products
• Price book should be selected when accepting the parent opportunity. This is a mustespecially when opportunity products have been shared along with the parentopportunity
• Sales Price and Quantity are required fields
• If connection has schedules enabled on product then Quantity and Sales Pricewill not be updated
• Total price may be published but not subscribed to (can be mapped to another currency field