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Use Case Vs Salesforce limitantions - HELP!



I have a requirement. Everytime an account is modified, I need to send this modification to my company system.


To do this we use http call outs. The problem is that I cant make the call to the class that makes the call out from the trigger because the class will be marked with the @future method and I will make more than 200 call every 24hours per day.


How can I manage this in other way? Can I make a call out from a trigger without using the @future annotation using any toher Salesforce utility (like apex batches...)?


Thanks a lot




Per the doc - 


"Salesforce also imposes a limit on the number of future method invocations: 200 method calls per full Salesforce user license, Salesforce Platform user license, or Force.com - One App user license, per 24 hours."


so, if your org has 100 users, you can do a total of 100*200 future methods per day = 20,000; I don't think there is an org-wide callout limit; just a limit on 10 callouts per transaction

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With the analysis I made the 200 future method calls per user per 24h wouldnt be enough.


I finally decided to create an apex batch that will be invoked from an apex schedulable every 15min and will make the call outs to the operational system.






You could also have used Workflow Outbound Messages, but then you'd have to write up an endpoint to handle the messages (since it's not as flexible as Apex Code). It has its own limits as well, but is generally more robust for near-real-time messaging with a 24-hour queue as a failsafe.