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Test Method - System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object

.I'm getting the above referenced error on all methods in my test method..


Excerpt from the test method:

* Purpose : This class contains unit tests for the Conversion controller.
private class Test_ConvertAccounts_Devt{

private static ApexPages.StandardController ctl;
private static ConvertAccountsDev ext;
private static ApexPages.StandardController ctlWithData;
private static ConvertAccountsDev extWithData;

private static Account a; 

private static Account account;
private static Account myAccount;
private static List<AccountLineItem> ail;


//Build mock data

//Instantiate and empty controller.
ctl = new ApexPages.StandardController(new Account());

//Instantiate a full controller.
ctlWithData = new ApexPages.StandardController(a);
extWithData = new ConvertAccountsDev(ctlWithData);
extWithData.isDone = false;

ext = new ConvertAccountsDev(ctlWithData);

system.debug('ctlWithData&colon; ' + ctlWithData);
system.debug('ext: ' + ext);

account = new Account();
myaccount = new Account();

} // End


/// the page reference call segment:


static testMethod void CanTestExit(){

PageReference xit = ext.Exit();

} // End




There I get the failure for:


System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null objectClass.Test_ConvertAccounts_Devt.CanTestExit: line 107, column 1



Any ideas?  Thanks.