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Inserting field values that contain references to other field values

We have a data object that contains a field that we want to allow the user to specify an expression that includes values from other fields.


For example:




We then want to render a hyperlink in a visual force page that would emit:


<a href="http://google.com?Q=My Account Name">Search</a>





Here's what we have tried:


<apex:ouputLink value="{!OurObj.linkPattern}">Search</apex:outputLink>



This resolves to:


<a href="http://google.com?Q={!Account.name}">Search</a>



It seems like we need to double resolve the value somehow.


We are hoping for some suggestions from the community!




- K


IN your controller get a new variable say string x;


 OurObj.linkPattern=http://google.com?Q={!Account.Name} ;
x= OurObj.linkPattern ; 


in VF page use:
<apex:ouputLink value="{!x}">Search</apex:outputLink>


We have tried this, and it does not work.


The resulting html has:


<a href="http://google.com?Q={!Account.Name}">


{!Account.Name} does not resolve to the actual value.