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Salesforce 2 Salesforce: PartnerNetworkRecordConnection Trigger possible?

Hey folks,


Salesforce 2 Salesforce: Since there's no reactivation of a stopped sharing of objects possible I want to make sure that the option "STOP Sharing" is not accessible by the user.


I thought about creating a PartnerNetworkRecordConnection BEFORE DELETE trigger that throws an error before deletion. But this is not possible, because the PartnerNetworkRecordConnection object is not available for triggers...


Is there any other way to still prevent deletion?

Or even better: is there a way of reactivating the old sharing reocrd?



Josh :-)


There should also be a trigger fired on the object not just the PartnerNetworkRecord object I believe there is a isPartner field on the object when it is shared, so you could force a reattach after it is disconnected.