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To Many DML Row 10001 in Batch Apex

HI All,


Why I am getting this error even I am processing all my record in a batch of 200 size. Salesforce didnot documented batch class concept very much clear anywhere.That how batch are runs how batch thread works ? Are all thread of a single batch runs parallely ? Nothing 






Hi Vijay,


Batch class resets the apex limits for each transaction. but still the limit holds in a particular transaction run.

check if you have too many rows to save in each run.


Below Link may help find a workaround




Thank for reply.

Well I am sure I have fully optimized code and I have never over 10001 records in list because of 200 size so what I am thinking error not because of execute method. Error may cause the finish method because I am doing some dml in that also.

I need to workout to reach out the exact reason.

Check your triggers as well.