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How To Replace A Text In a DOM.XMLNode



I have a requirement to check if a XML paramter Node contians certain text and if so to replace it.  


With the following code for example.  I would need to replace the content I get via 



for(String parameterName : this.paramterMap.keySet()) {
       arrayOfFieldTypeNode = this.paramterMap.get(parameterName).toXML(arrayOfFieldTypeNode);
        if (parameterName.contains('AccountID')) {
            System.debug('AccountIDVal=' + this.paramterMap.get(parameterName));
            System.debug('arrayOfFieldTypeNode=' + arrayOfFieldTypeNode);
            System.debug('nameVal=' + arrayOfFieldTypeNode.getName());
            System.debug('textVal=' + arrayOfFieldTypeNode.getText());




I tried it with 


arrayOfActionTypeNode.getText().put('test') but a similar function is not available. 


If I want to update the text in the parameter do I need to delete the attribute or child first via removeAttribute/removeChild and create a new one, or is there a simpler way of doing this?


Thanks in advance for your help.




Any help on this?

Murali RaghavanMurali Raghavan
You can loop through all the child nodes including the text node via node.getChildren(). Check the type of the child if its a TEXT node to remove and add the text node back.
if(node.getNodeType()+''=='TEXT' ){
   dom.XmlNode par = node.getParent();
    par.addTextNode('Your Replacement text');