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Salesforce integration with PayPal



I am new to Salesforce integration with PayPal and Rest API.I already tried and successfully completed the payment gateway using PayPal website payments standard "Buy now" button.But I want to integrate Salesforce with PayPal.Rest APIs are provided in developer.paypal.com.Using those APIs, How to integrate Salesforce with PayPal.Please guide me to achieve this integration.And,Please let me know, is there anyother way for this integration.


Thanks in Advance.

this link will give you the basic idea of integration..but this was SOAP implementation. so you need to read the rest architecture first on force.com platform and then start analyse

Thanks.Is there any other way for Salesforce and PayPal integration

as you said in your earlier post if paypal provides REST architecture then we can make use of that instead of SOAP integration
HII vin,
       I am a beginner with salesforce integration. I want to learn how to integrate the PAYPAL with salesforce. so if you have done this with the help of REST API        or anything else then please explain me. I hope you will describe me.