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How to use USAePay SOAP XML request?

Hi guys,

I am using USAePay SOAP(XML) request.
Here are my few queries:
  1. I am not sure about EndpointURL and HostEndpointURL in my Http callouts as its nowhere mentioned in their doc. Currently I am using "https://www.sandbox.usaepay.com/gate" and "sandbox.usaepay.com" as endpoint URL and HostEndpointURL respectively, is it correct?
  2. I have created a Sandbox Account on USAePay and using a Source key in my XML which I found after adding a Source, is it corret?
  3. Also want to know is it mandatory to describe Hash value and Seed value in my XML?
Please advice or reply on prafulgadge36@gmail.com or skype - praful.gadge.
Thanks in advance.