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Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta 

SOSL : FIND '“com”' returning more records than FIND '“com” or “net”'

When trying to search a string using SOSL, it behaves differently for one search parameter vs two search parameters with logical operator.


Search String 1 : FIND '"com"' => No of Records Returned : 910

Search String 2 : FIND '"com" or "net"' => No of Records Returned : 762


Shouldn't result two also be 910 or above. Logical operator is OR statement, so theoretically it should give us more results or at least at minimum 910. Right?


Please help me if I'm missing on something.


Please note :

  • I'm using FOR SOSL (ie loop over SOSL with limit of 20 SOSL to run at max) to return more than 200 records.
  • Only one sublist is returned in my SOSL