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Customizing records in Activity Related List



I have situation where our Marketing team wants to flood the Activity log of a contact (so that the info is in SFDC & easy to report to higher mgmt). But the Sales team (contact owners) dont want to see some of them.


I am thinking of few options, but would like to discuss which would be better or is there any other approach.

Since there is no sharing rule available for Activity, I have couple of thoughts:


1. Separating the Marketing related activity history to another custom object.

        Con: sales team wants some of the marketing activity. So separating certain type of marketing activity is going to be very inconsistent in data retrieving

2. Creating custom VF page for List Button to view marketing & sales activities separately

     Con: the related list in contact will still show unwanted marketing activities on top of important sales activities – there is no filters available in showing activity records in contact related list.


I am open for more ideas. Please share your thoughts on how to approach the issue.


Thanks in advance!


I'd probably go with option 1 and create an Apex Sharing Rule to define what Marketing activities need to be shared with the Sales Team.

Thanks for the response!


Since Task/Activity is a child object, the security setting allow us to control it via parent (Contact in this case).

I dont want to make them private at all because we have more complicated logic in Contact Sharing rules & related sales activity has to be shared.

Also I want to hide some of the child records from contact owners and we cannot write a sharing rule on Activity.


I have never done apex sharing rule code to get a work around with this.

Is it really possible to set activity/task sharing rule via apex? If so, can you give me some example.


Thanks again



I don't understand, I thought your plan was to dump this activity data into another custom object with your first idea?


Yes. That was my 1st option since there is no default sharing rule available for activities in SFDC UI.

But the other user was suggesting to do it with APEX sharing rule. Still don't know if it is possible.

I am going to try to apex sharing rule & if I fail then I might go with new custom object for marketing activities


Thank you all.

Let me know if there is any other approach I am missing