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Last Modifiy By and Date Value

Hi Experts,


I have schedulable batch class which updates few fields on Task Object every day. class working fine but issue here is that it will always change last modified date and Last Modified by. is there a way to stop automatically update Last Modified by and Last Modified Date ???



i am not a expert, as per my knowledge Last ModifiyBy and Date are the predefiened fields i don't think so we can restrict.


But i have a solution for this like create two custom fields like LastModfiyBy and LastModifiy_Date and store the intial values and display this fields in the page layout. And remove the Predefiend LastModifyByDate values in the PageLayout values. Use any flag to add only first time and make that flag to false.


It is just an idea in my mind. I am not sue it will help you or not. If it is wrong or not related ignore.





Hi Buiji


Thanks for reply. Same idea was already implemented but i dont want to create new fields.