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Haroon AhmadHaroon Ahmad 

Create Trigger on the ProcessInstanceWorkitem object


The moment an Approval Request is submitted, I was to capture the Approval Step link, and store it in a custom object.


For this reason, I'd like to have a trigger on the ProcessInstanceWorkitem object.


But this does not show up in the list of objects against which I can create a Trigger.


Is it possible/allowed by the Force.com platform, to create a trigger on the ProcessInstanceWorkitem object?





Haroon AhmadHaroon Ahmad

I just got this error, while saving a trigger for the ProcessInstanceWorkitem  in the Force.com IDE:


"Save error: SObject type does not allow triggers: ProcessInstanceWorkitem"


So I guess triggers are not allowed on this object, probably because it's a system object.


But curious to know how I would go about designing a custom approval steps in apex, before or after the approval button was submitted.