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Auto Refresh of Opportunity Page after 2-3 Seconds without Button

Hi ,


Is it possible auto refresh for Standard Page?


I want to Auto Refresh ( Load) Opportunity Page after 2-3 Seconds without Custom button...


Please give me answer..

Neha LundNeha Lund

 will have to create a visual force page and ovreride the standard detail page or edit page with the created vf page.


Thanks , Let Me try now this way...:)


Can you share me some link for override the Opportunity Detail page...?

Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma
Create a javascript component and place it in your sidebar. In javascript code, Check if URl has opportunity id(starts with 006), then record the page after 3 second using javascript only. Also while reloading the page, add a new parameter in URL so your javascript component doesn't execute recursively

I don't understand what do you say friend?  Can you explain me in more detail? Please..Bhawani Sharma..

Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma

Bhavi Sharma
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Anyways I am having this odd feeling, why this is at all required ?
Can you explain a bit >?

Hi Avidev9,  


I add Quantity in OpportunityLineItem and when i save it , returns to Parent Page of Opportunity. that time i want to do auto tax calculations. I am using Trigger for that. but its not calculate first time auto.


I have to Refresh the page then it show me the Calculate Tax......I want auto refreshing on that Opportunity Page....

I dont think this should happen! can you post the trigger code ?