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DataLoad Tool to Load Salesforce Multiple Objects


Is there any data loader tool to upload into multiple objects and multiple instance of an object for single record in from a CSV file.


My file looks as below:


Here based on “Exam S7” and “Exam S9” column I need two separate entry for contact child object (obj1).


Based on the entry of “Licenses” column I need to populated another Child object of contact (obj2) with two entries, any recommendations appreciated


Exm S7  |    Exm S79    |  Exm S9     |    Licenses (single column)


Yes        |      ------         |    Yes         |     S63, S7





Take a look at the Skyvva AppExchange.


You can have data integrations workflows that loads different objects records from the same data file.


Than you Egui,


I checked this and as you said it support lodaing of data into different object from same data file.

In my case  I need to insert multiple records in one of the object from a single data file record.


thank you,


anooP Bhaskaran