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Set Outbound Email FROM as Email Service address when using Template



I have a psuedo-integration I am working on between our customer care department and another system's ticketing system.  The integration is actually going to be performed using emails sent using VisualForce/Apex and received via an email service.  In order for this to function the 'From' address in the email needs to be that of the inbound email service I have set up for replies.


The problems is that I am using an email template to send the emails to the other system.  The reason I am using the template (rather than building the message in apex) is to make it easier to update the information that will be included when emails are sent to the other system.  However,  I think this means that I can only use 'org-wide' email addresses as the from address.  Is this correct?  Are my only options at this point to 'do away' with the email templates (there are a few different ones that can be sent, depending on the situation) and just build the emails in code?


Any help would be appreciated.