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Batch Process/Custom Button to Field Update



I currently have the following business situation.


We are running a door to door sales app that has been custom built on the Force.com platform.


I have a custom object (Site__c) with a trigger that when a Site__c record gets created, so does a record in custom object New_Door_Assignment__c. These two records have the same Name.


I have a second trigger that when New_Door_Assignment__c is created, multiple child records of custom object Assigned_Address__c get created.


New_Door_Assignment__c has five custom fields: Sales_Rep_One__c, Sales_Rep_Two__c, Sales_Rep_Three__c, Sales_Rep_Four__c and Sales_Rep_Five__c along with a custom formula field Doors_Per_Rep__c.


For example:


New_Door_Assignment__c.Sales_Rep_One__c = John Doe

New_Door_Assignment__c.Sales_Rep_Two__c = Jane Doe

New_Door_Assignment__c.Doors_Per_Rep__c = 50


What I want to do is to take the 100 child records (Assigned_Address__c), sort by custom field Street_Address__c, and update the custom field Rep__c on the first 50 with New_Door_Assignment__c.Sales_Rep_One__c, the second 50 with New_Door_Assignment__c.Sales_Rep_Two__c


From a business perspective, I would like to do this through a custom button because when a New_Door_Assignment__c record is created, we do not know who will be Sales_Rep_One__c, Sales_Rep_Two__c, etc


Is this something that is doable and any guidance I can get to start would be appreciated.






sushant sussushant sus
according to my understanding u want to update first 50 with one sales people name and other 50 with other sales people name .

u can do this by query first 50 record with limit then again query 50 with concept of offset
refer this http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/Content/sforce_api_calls_soql_select_offset.htm

Thank you very much I will take a look at the link you provided for guidance. Much appreciated.





sushant sussushant sus
thank u