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Updating LetterHead of an email template



I am unable to update the LetterHead of an email template. Don't have time to recreate all of them again.. any quick solution via Schema or Eclipse IDE ?

Just do the following:

1) Install Ant.
2) Install Metadata Toolkit.
3) Create package.xml to retrieve all email templates.
4) Run retrieve to download all templates.
5) Create destructiveChanges.xml to delete all templates (required to change letterhead or other properties).
6) Modify email templates offline using batch update program (e.g. Programmer's Notepad, grep, etc).
7) Run deploy with destructiveChanges.xml to force deletion.
8) Run deploy with new email templates.

This is a fairly trivial task for a seasoned user of the Metadata Toolkit, but a lack of familiarity with the tool will definitely hamper progress. Then again, learning the tool might save you time in the future, so you might consider it an investment.