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Webservice WSDL differs a lot in Sandbox (Summer 13 version)

We developed few WebService Classes last year and updated them with few new method now.


The last version of the WSDL file was generated in March & the current version have almost 1000 lines extra apart from the changes we made to the class.

The current version of WSDL have many unwanted, unintended information including other 3rd party tools that is integrated from AppExchange which are not related to the current web service class by any chance. And this strange behaviour is not seen in all updated WSDLs.

I am not sure if this update has anything to do with the Sales force version update to Summer 13.

Does any one else faced this issue? Do you think it will have any effects?

Let me know your thoughts on the reason & effects behind unwanted & unintended 1000 lines inclusion in selected WSDLs

Thanks in Advance!

Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma
Yes, I notice that. even other thing I noticed is, Salesforce removed "Reset My security token" option also.