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Hi All,


If i create a Case through Email-to-Case standard SFDC functionality, I should be able to execute all the triggers on Case Object, Right?


I couldn't see case object triggers firing eventhough i created a case record sucessfully in my org through 'Email Service Address' provided by Email-to-Case functionality?


should i configure anything else?


Any help would be appreciated !!

Everything should work.
You dont need to fine tune anything to make the triggers work. They will fire on any related database action insert/delete/undelete/update

Hi Avi,


Thanks for quick reply,


Here we are inserting case (datbase insertion happened), means case triggers should fire, Right?

You got it right!
I wrote a similar functionality few days back

Hi Avi,


I understand when triggers fire.


But i am getting below error from Email-to-Case functionality:


Error Email from Production:


Subject: Email-to-Case: Error(s) encountered while processing


The following errors were encountered while processing an incoming email:


UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW : unable to obtain exclusive access to this record


So, I would like to reproduce error by executing case triggers through Standard Email-to-Case functionality by sending an email from 'Email Service Address'.


If i send an email from my Outlook or Gmail by using that link, i can successfully cretaed a case in my org. But in debug logs i can't see case object triggers execution.


why case object triggers are not firing?


any suggestion/approach would be appreciated.


UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW this error means there is some trigger which is trying to update the same case.

I would suggest you to test the same in sandbox.