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Strikeiron web service

Hi All,

Below given code is directly from the salesforce apex guide.I am trying to undersand as I have to develop some code.
When I generate Wsdl to Apex classes I do not see the below given class names and functions used  in the salesforce provided sample code.Wsdl to Apex class generates two classes with the names wsStrikeironCom,wwwStrikeironCom whereas I see different names for classes as well as functions in the salesforce provided sample code.  I understand that these names can be changed.Can Somebody tell me How should i decide which class to have which name so that I can use the below given sample as it is.

strikeironIplookup.DNSSoap dns=new strikeironIplookup.DNSSoap();
dns.LicenseInfo=new strikeiron.LicenseInfo();
dns.LicenseInfo.RegisteredUser=new strikeiron.RegisteredUser();
strikeironIplookup.DNSInfo info=dns.DNSLookup('www.myname.co');

Strike iron ,keep on updating their WSDLs . So ,you need to get updated wsdl for their website(parse it and generate class) and try to code as mentioned the Guide .