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Mani PenumarthiMani Penumarthi 

Is it possible to upload a file in sfdc and saving it to the "MY SQL"?

Can any one suggest how to upload a .csv file in sfdc and save them in some other db ?

Kiran  KurellaKiran Kurella

Check out this blog to import a csv file into SF. From there you can use some cloud connector tools like informatica to push the data into external database. or you can develop your own external web services to push the data.


Kiran  KurellaKiran Kurella
You can temporarily import the data in SF and push to MY SQL or SQL Server by using rssbus connector.

Mani PenumarthiMani Penumarthi
Thanks for the Update. I will look on this .

Thanks & Regards,
Manikumar P