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Callout with future

Hi ,


Sync data between two salesforce orgs.This is what I am trying to do and we are looking for real time integration between the two salesforce org.




Trigger is going to call apex class future method which in turn will make a callout to webservice developed in apex in another salesforce org.


Now the problem is that  I can only make ten callouts from the future method.Now if the user on the opportrunity object update 10 records then webserice called in the future method will also run ten time and  on the 11th time the user will get error as number of callout allowed are over.


So what can I do to get rid of this limitation ? I was thinking of


Instead of using soap if I use rest service.Will it have same limitations applicable to it or I can send as many records I want  through the rest services without worying about the future limitations


Can somebody advise?