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Auto generation of CaseNumber and Save it into other object

Hi all,

I have one requirement like suppose I have one Custom object Name CaseType, In this object I have one custom field CaseTypeName, I want to create one dropdown in VF page where if I select any caseTypeName than one specific CaseNumber should be shown in below grid like if CaseType name is Breast Cancer Prognostic, than one Casenumber will be generated like BCP13-00001 and again I select the same, the case number will be BCP13-0002 ....... like that and this case number should be save in another table means Custom object Apcase.

Please guide me how to achieve this requirement in SalesForce, Thanks in advance!!!




I want to ask you two questions.


The first one: if Case Type Name has two values(A and B). When you selected A, this table will be display a BCP13-0001. If you selected B. What information you want to display? When the Case Type Name changes to B, this table will be display a BCP13-0002. Right?


The second one: What is the case number. It's a auto number or something?


If caseType Name has second value as "Fresh Parafin Colo" than case number will be FPC13-0001, and yes this will be autogenrated filled.  If case type is "Breast Cancer Prognostic"   than it will be BCP13-00001 like that.


Please tell me any way so that I can got this requirment  fulfill.


Thanks in Advance