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Creating a Recipient List for a Custom Object

I'd like to implenent a tool that allows a user to build a list of Contact records to relate to Custom_Object__c through Junction_Object__c.  


Essentially, the workflow should be:

  1. Create new Custom_Object__c record.
  2. Select list of contacts to relate (much like campaigns or mass email function)
  3. Automatically create Junction_Object__c records for related to Custom_Object__c record and each selected Contact record.

Would love to know if there is an unmanaged package to handle this.


I appreciate any input!


Jerun JoseJerun Jose
You could try building it yourself.

The tough part I would assume is to have a nifty way to show more rows.

Check the post here

You can then tweak the controller to prefill some attribute before it returns the new row created.