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soql query gurus please have a look

hey folks i basically want to do this


select Email, FirstName, LastName, Id from Contact where (email address exists more than once in the contact table) order by Email


any ideas? 


Don't do in SOQL (only SOQL) aggregations in SOQL are hairy. mix in some APEX. Something like this:

Map<Id, Integer> emailCount = new Map<String, Integer>();
Map<Id, Contact> contacts = [select Email, FirstName, LastName, Id from Contact];
Contact result = new Contact[]{};
for (Contact c : contacts.values()){
  Integer idx = emailCount(c.Id);
  if(idx = null)
    idx = 0;
  emailCount.put(c.Id, idx); 

for(Id cid : emailCount.keySet()){
  Integer i = emailCount.get(c.Id);
  if(i < 0)
    result = contacts.get(c.Id);



thanks leva i'll give it a shot!